Logs Coming In — Thank you!

The 2018 KYQP is over and we are pleased to report that we are receiving many Cabrillo logs from participants.  Check out the Logs Received page to see which stations have submitted logs.  Let us know if you think you have sent us your log and it is not listed.  We will be updating the Logs Received page manually once or twice a day.

Initial reports are that despite less than optimum band conditions, activity levels appear to be up — with more KY stations on the air compared to recent years.  We hope to continue and build on that trend in the coming years.

Thanks again for participating in the 2018 KYQP and for submitting your log.  We will continue to receive logs until June 23, 2018.  In the meantime, we will be actively checking logs and preparing the final results.  Stay tuned!