N4TY Rover Plan 2020

We recevied this email from Tyler, N4TY, regarding his planned rover operation in far western Kentucky:

This year we will concentrate on western and south-western Kentucky counties.

We will start south of Madisonville at the Hopkins county line, and then traverse these counties in order:

HOP – Hopkins
CAL – Caldwell
LYO – Lyon
LIV – Livingston
MSL – Marshall
MCC – McCracken
BAL – Ballard
CAE – Carlisle
HIC – Hickman
FUL – Fulton
HIC – Hickman (again briefly)
GRV – Graves
CAW – Calloway
MSL – Marshall (again briefly)
TRI – Trig
CHR – Christian
TOD – Todd
LOG – Logan
SIM – Simpson
ALL – Allen
WAR – Warren
BAR – Barren (briefly)
EDM – Edmonson
BAR – Barren (again, longer time)
HRT – Hart
LAR – Larue
HAR – Hardin
BUL – Bullitt
JEF – Jefferson

This is the Google map with our drive plan:


Our operation should be about 7.5 hours of driving, and 1.5 hours of stops.

Thus, we will start at 9AM CST (14Z), and finish at 23Z in Louisville.

Operation is CW-only, around .044 on each band (40m, 20m, and 15m).

Monitor our progress on “aprs.fi”, using callsign N4TY-1.

I don’t know if this can be posted to your site, but hope this helps.

73, Tyler N4TY