About Us

The Kentucky QSO Party (KYQP) is an annual event held the first weekend in June.  Our goal is to encourage ham radio operators across the Blue Grass state to get on the air and make contacts with other ham radio operators around the world.

The KYQP is sponsored and hosted by the Kentucky Contest Group (KCG).  Visit our Facebook site by searching for “Kentucky Contest Group”.

Calling All Kentucky Clubs

  • We would like to encourage all Kentucky amateur radio clubs to affiliate with the KY QSO Party.
  • You can do so by registering your club and your club call sign with David Smith ND4Y using our Contact Us page.

Bonus Stations

Club call signs preregistered with ND4Y will count as Bonus stations.  (See the Rules page for the latest official list).  Activating a club call sign is a great way to improve the operating skills of hams new to HF.  It is also an opportunity to get your club call sign on the air outside of Field Day.

Rare County Activations and Mobiles

We hope that many Kentucky clubs will also encourage members to operate Mobile or Portable stations so that we can activate as many rare counties as possible each year.  This site will provide a list of anticipated rare county activations prior to the event.  Please contact David ND4Y using our Contact Us page with your Mobile or Portable plans.