Log Submissions

Log Upload

We encourage all KYQP participants to upload their logs here: xxxxx

You will receive immediate confirmation during upload. The Logs Received page on this website will be updated regularly.  The deadline for submitting logs is June 30th.

Post Your Score and Comments on 3830

We encourage all participants in the KYQP to post their scores and comments on the 3830scores.com website.

Contest Logging Programs

There are several excellent logging programs available that make submitting a cabrillo file a snap.  We will work with these loggers each year so that all exchange information and county abbreviations are supported.  We will list all logging programs supporting the KYQP here:

Some loggers are free while others charge a small amount to download the program and for annual support.  Please note that the KYQP cannot be responsible for the performance and operation of such third-party applications.

Logging programs do not need to identify contacts with bonus stations.  The KYQP contest committee will calculate each log’s bonus points and add those points to the final score.  Please see the Rules page for more detail.

Paper Logs

No paper logs will be accepted — please upload your log!