Kentucky QSO Party Operating Rules – 2022
  • 1300Z June 4 – 0100Z June 5
  • 9AM – 9PM EDT on Saturday, June 5
  • 8AM – 8PM CDT on Saturday, June 5
Mode CW, SSB, Digital (RTTY only)
Bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2
  • Fixed Station – Single Op
  • Fixed Station – Multi-Single (non-club)
  • Mobile – Single-Op (NO driver assistance)
  • Mobile – Single-Op (WITH driver assistance)
  • High Power: More than 100 watts
  • Low Power: 100 watts or less
  • QRP: 5 watts or less
Work KY Stations Once per band, per mode, per county (for mobiles)
QSO Points
  • 1 point per completed Phone QSO
  • 2 points per completed CW QSO
  • 2 points per completed Digital QSO
Bonus Station K4KCG K4KCG may be worked once per BAND and MODE for 100 bonus points per QSO.  For example, a station working K4KCG on 20M CW, RTTY and SSB would earn 300 bonus points.  Logging programs need not track earned bonus points — after your Cabrillo log is submitted, the KYQP committee will add bonus points to your posted score.  Thus bonus stations may change each year, without needing logging program updates.

NOTE: KY Bonus station scores will be added to their Club score total.

Suggested Frequencies SSB: 1.865, 3,810, 7.190, 14.250, 21.300, 28.450, 50.135 and 144.250
CW: 1.815, 3.540, 7.040, 14.040, 21.040, 28.040, 50.095 and 144.060
RTTY:  3.580, 7.080, 14.080, 21.080 and 28.080
QSO Multipliers For Kentucky Station operators (including mobiles)

  • Each unique Kentucky-based station is a multiplier when worked in each of the 120 counties.
  • When logging other Kentucky stations, enter the KY County as the exchange (not KY).
  • Each USA state including DC, and each Canadian Province/Territory.
  • DX contacts count for QSO points only. Enter DX for the exchange.

For Non-Kentucky Station operators

  • Each Kentucky-based station is a multiplier based on their county.
  • When logging Kentucky stations, enter the KY County as the exchange (not KY).

For ALL operators

  • KY mobiles traveling to a new KY county may be contacted again for QSO Point and County Multiplier credit.
Power Multiplier
  • All entries using 5 watts or less, Power Multiplier = 3.
  • All entries using less than 100 watts, Power Multiplier = 2.
  • All entries using more than 100 watts, Power Multiplier = 1.
Score Calculation
  • Total score = QSO Points x QSO Multipliers x Power Multiplier + Bonus Station points.
  • An additional 100 points is added to your final score as a bonus for submitting a Cabrillo log file.
  • There are no Assisted (spotting) vs Unassisted classes.
  • Spotting Assistance is always allowed and encouraged!
Awards Plaques are awarded for the highest score in the CW, SSB, and Mixed categories based on merit:

  • KY (Single-op, Multi-single, Club, Mobile)
    • KY Bonus stations are not eligible for plaques, but Clubs are (note your club name in your Cabrillo file).
    • All KY entries with the same club affiliation compete with all other KY clubs for the Club plaque.
    • For KY stations, do not enter “Kentucky Contest Group” as your club affiliation.
  • USA (non-KY)
  • Canada
  • DX
Submissions Visit the Log Submissions page to upload your Cabrillo log file.
Submission Deadline June 30th