Kentucky QSO Party Operating Rules for 2021
  • 14:00 UTC June 5 until 02:00 UTC June 6
  • 10AM – 10PM EDT on Saturday, June 5
  • 9AM – 9PM CDT on Saturday, June 5
Mode CW, SSB, Digital (RTTY only)
Bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2
  • Fixed Station – Single Op
  • Fixed Station – Multi-Op
  • Mobile – Single-Op (NO driver assistance)
  • Mobile – Single-Op (WITH driver assistance)
  • Mobile – Multi-Op (operators MAY be drivers)
  • High Power: More than 100 watts
  • Low Power: 100 watts or less
  • QRP: 5 watts or less
  • KY stations: RS(T) + County  (Use 3 Letter Abbreviation from List below)
  • USA stations (non-KY):  RS(T) + State
  • Canada:  RS(T) + Province
  • DX:  RS(T) + “DX”
Work KY Stations Once per band, per mode, per county (for mobiles)
QSO Points
  • 1 point per completed Phone QSO
  • 2 points per completed CW QSO
  • 2 points per completed Digital QSO
Bonus Stations W4NJA, KY4KY, K4KCG and K4MSU

Bonus stations may be worked once per BAND and MODE for 100 bonus points per QSO.  For example, a station working K4KCG on 20M CW, RTTY and SSB would earn 300 bonus points.  Logging programs do not need to track the bonus points earned.  When your Cabrillo log is submitted, the KYQP committee will calculate bonus points and add them automatically to your posted score.  This approach enables bonus stations to change each year, without having to update the various contest logging programs.

NOTE: KY Bonus station scores will be added to their Club score total.

Suggested Frequencies SSB: 1.865, 3,810, 7.190, 14.250, 21.300, 28.450, 50.135 and 144.250
CW: 1.815, 3.540, 7.040, 14.040, 21.040, 28.040, 50.095 and 144.060
RTTY:  3.580, 7.080, 14.080, 21.080 and 28.080
QSO Multipliers For Kentucky Station operators (including mobiles)

  • Each unique Kentucky-based station is a multiplier when worked in each of the 120 counties.
  • When logging other Kentucky stations, enter the KY County as the exchange (not KY).
  • Each USA state including DC, and each Canadian Province/Territory.
  • DX contacts count for QSO points only. Enter DX for the exchange.

For Non-Kentucky Station operators

  • Each Kentucky-based station is a multiplier based on their county.
  • When logging Kentucky stations, enter the KY County as the exchange (not KY).

For ALL operators

  • KY mobiles traveling to a new KY county may be contacted again for QSO Point and County Multiplier credit.
Power Multiplier
  • All entries using 5 watts or less, Power Multiplier = 3.
  • All entries using less than 100 watts, Power Multiplier = 2.
  • All entries using more than 100 watts, Power Multiplier = 1.
Score Calculation
  • Total score = QSO Points x QSO Multipliers x Power Multiplier + Bonus Station points.
  • An additional 100 points is added to your final score as a bonus for submitting a Cabrillo log file.
  • There are no Assisted vs Unassisted classes.
  • Spotting Assistance is always allowed and encouraged!
Awards Plaques are awarded for the highest score in the CW, SSB, and Mixed categories based on merit:

  • KY (Single-ops, Multi-ops, Clubs, Mobiles)
    • KY Bonus stations are not eligible for plaques, but Clubs are (note your club name in your Cabrillo file).
    • All KY entries with the same club affiliation compete with all other KY clubs for the Club plaque.
    • For KY stations, do not enter “Kentucky Contest Group” as your club affiliation.
  • USA (non-KY)
  • Canada
  • DX
Submissions Visit the Log Submissions page to upload your Cabrillo log file.
Submission Deadline June 30th