Participants in the KYQP should receive something for their efforts!  Each year we hope to offer certificates, plaques and commemorative items as described below.


All participants who submit a log and an email address by the log submission deadline will receive a Certificate of Participation.  An attractive full color PDF certificate will be sent via email.  (Click on the sample certificate at left to enlarge.)


Plaque Sponsors

We will award 15 or more plaques per year to the major category winners from inside and outside Kentucky.  The categories may vary somewhat each year based on which categories generate the most activity.  Individuals and clubs are welcome to sponsor a plaque.  (Click on the image of plaque on left to enlarge.)


Our intent is to operate the KY QSO Party as a non-profit entity, and plaque sponsorship funds are used solely to defray plaque costs/shipping, and to host this site.