2022 Operating Plans

2022 KY Station Plans



  • CW:  contact KE4KY for slot schedules
  • SSB: contact ND4Y for slot schedules


  • K4AVX:  Perry
  • K4FN:  CW from LaRue and Taylor counties: LAR/TAY
  • KJ4YLR:  Madison
  • N4JRG: Butler county, 80-10, mostly CW, can do SSB
  • NU4N:  McCracken
  • W4UWC:  Jessamine
  • W4WKU:  Ohio county
  • W5MX/N4SS:  Rockcastle

Active in 2021, no info yet: AA4WW, K4FT, K4TZ, K5ZQ, KM4CH, ND4X, WE5P


KM4FO: Hopefully Suzie is driving for me, and we will run Webster, Union, Crittenden, Caldwell, Lyon, Livingston, Marshall, McCracken, Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, Fulton, Graves, Calloway, Trigg, and Christian.

AE8M:  mobile in the following counties: Mason, Bracken, Campbell, Kenton, Boone. I park to operate and should be in each county for at least an hour.

N4TY:  CW / SSB mobile, Follow us on APRS.fi as N4TY-1.  Starting in Jeffersonville, KY at 9am EDT:

  • MOT Montgomery: HA9RE
  • MEN Menifee: DL3DXX, WB8III, HA9RE
  • MOR Morgan: DL3DXX, N4UP
  • WOL Wolfe: DL3DXX, OM2VL

    • MOR (again)
  • MAG Magoffin: OM2VL, HA9RE
  • FLO Floyd: DL3DXX
  • JOH Johnson: DL3DXX
  • MAR Martin: HA9RE, N4RKK, N4UP, DL3DXX, HA9RE

    • JOH (again)
    • FLO (again)
    • JOH (again)
  • LAW Lawrence:
  • ELL Elliot: DL3DXX
  • CTR Carter: DL3DXX
  • BOY Boyd: W8BZY, HA9RE

    • CTR (again)
  • ROW Rowan: DL3DXX, HA9RE, N4RKK
  • BAT Bath: DL3DXX, HA9RE, N4RKK

    • MOT (again)
  • CLA Clark:
  • FAY Fayette:
  • SCO Scott
  • OTHERS?????