2023 Plaque Winners

  • Plaques are awarded on merit.
  • After adjudication, some may be awarded to other worthy efforts.
Winner Category – High Score Sponsor
DL3DXX DX – CW Dwight Orten KM4FO
OM2VL DX – Mixed Bill Weaver WE5P
VE9VIC Canada – CW Shelby Summerville K4WW
VE3TW Canada – Mixed Paul Kern NK4P
K9CW USA – CW Dwight Orten KM4FO
N8II USA – Mixed Glen Petri KE4KY
K2YG USA – QRP Rick Singleton KC4S
KE4KY KY – CW – High Power John Farler K4AVX
K8IJ KY – CW – Low Power John Marks KM4CH
N4OG KY – Phone – High Power Curtis Foote WX4W
K4TEC KY – Phone – Low Power John Marks KM4CH
K4WW KY – Mixed – High Power Letcher County ARC
N4JRG KY – Mixed – Low Power Dan Downard K4FN
KU4A KY – QRP Tyler Barnett N4TY
KM4CH KY – Mobile Assisted Terry Holman AJ4A
KO4OL KY – Mobile Unassisted Alek Murray – N4OG
Bullitt ARS KY – Club** Mike Newland N4JRG
W4WKU KY – Expedition David Smith ND4Y
N4SS Unbridled Spirit * David Smith ND4Y

*  The Unbridled Spirit plaque is awarded to N4SS, with 572 QSOs, the highest QSO count of all single-operator Kentucky stations.

** This will be the last Club plaque awarded, since the 2024 rules eliminate the Club category. The Bullitt Amateur Radio Society had a total of 265,779 points (KE4KY, WX4W, K4WW & KY4KY).